Women in Leadership Development Programme in DLR

A conference on Women and Leadership in November 2012 looked at our potential as leaders and widened the network of women working to influence decisions made on a local and county level.

In February 2013 a Women's Manifesto Group (later renamed Women's Voice Group) was established in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown. The women involved in this group want to bring women's perspective to local decision-makers. It is not' limited' to women's issues. The group might also bring issues affecting the community to decision-makers and feed back outcomes to the community. Every woman can contribute to a Women's Voice Group! The more women involved, the broader the range of perspectives informing the issues and decisions within the group.

If you are intersted in local issues get involved!

The Women's Manifesto Model was developed by Longford Women's Link. With the funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the model can be adapted in other communities across Ireland. The DLR Women's Voice Group is supported by Longford Women's Link.

2018 Programme

16 women took part in a training around 'Women and Leadership' in spring 2018. After this basic workshop participants have the opportunity now to continue with the following leadership programme: Women's Voice Group and Integration Guides/Facilitators.

If you want to join the next 'Women and Laedership' training in spring 2019 and then join one of the Leadership Groups please contact Alison on 01 442 1004 or 087 148 2172 (Mo - Wed).

Also in the planning:
'Women as Transformative Leaders in the Community' - Conference in November 2018.
For more information please watch this space.