Women in Leadership Development

Women's Voice DLR

Women's Voice DLR is a group of volunteers passionate about moving DLR society towards gender equality.

Vision Statement

That women equally contribute to every debate and every issue affecting society and the economy at every level from local communities to international contexts.

Areas of Focus

To develop women's political understanding so that they can engage with local communities and the local government processes in DLR in order to bring women's perspectives and voices to the decision-making table. ie, lobbying, PPN membership, support implementation of policies on gender equality, events.

  1. Equal access to educational opportunities
  2. Equality in the workplace and in the home
  3. Involvement in local elections
  4. Raise awareness about gender issues

SpeakUp! Series

These workshops are an opportunity for women to grow in confidence in using their own voices in public spaces. The workshops run every 6 - 8 weeks and include tips for communicating well and the chance for all to SpeakUp! Watch the calendar for the next workshop date.

work4change Series

This is a new series being offered by the Southside
Partnership Women’s Programme. The aim of the work4change series is to provide a space for women to openly explore different social issues that affect our communities and us as women specifically. We will learn from those with expertise or lived experiences around a particular issue and we will engage in conversationswith facilitators and each other.

Our first work4change event featured Minister Josepha Madison addressing the topic of Women's Voices: The Unfinished Democracy in Ireland on 8th February 2022. Click HERE to watch the recording of her speech and Q&A session afterwards.

The next work4change event took place on 31st May 2022 with three guest experts addressing Childcare: What Needs to Change? Go HERE to watch the video of our speakers. Feedback from breakout discussions following the speakers was compiled and sent to all County Councillors and TDs in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County and to the National Council for Women.

Past Events

Ready Steady Vote!
Women's Conference 25th January 2024

It was an exciting day in the Dun Loaghaire Rathdown Council Chamber! The Ready Steady Vote! conference organised by Women's Voice DLR and Southside Partnership Women's Programme. Many thanks to all who came along to participate in the interaction and learning. Thanks especially to our speakers: Orli Degani - candidate for DLR County Councillor in upcoming local elections, Melisa Halpin - long standing elected DLR County Councillor and Dr. Michelle Maher - Programme Manager for SHE - See Her Elected. Also thanks to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for supporting us in offering this conference and their warm hospitality in the DLR County Council building and Council Chamber.

If you missed the conference, you can watch the video of all the speakers HERE.

Women's Conference 17th November 2022

The focus of this conference was on finances as related specifically to us as women. We had speakers addressing our pension entitlements, strategies on dealing with the current cost of living crisis, how to access different government supports and workshop space with ideas for personal and household budgeting.

Pathways to Leadership in the Community
Women's Conference 11th November 2021

As part of the work4change series that began in 2022, this conference explored leadership projects and pathways that are available to women in the community. We were joined by four panelists who are actively involved in already existing community leadership projects. There were also 3 relevant workshops to choose from in order to further awareness of ways to be involved in local projects.

Our four panelists:

  • Ursula McKenna - Coordinator-Dochas Centre; Monaghan Women's Assembly
  • Dr. Michelle Maher - Programme Director, See Her Elected (SHE)
  • Simone Sav - Network Manager, DLR Public Participation Network
  • Dr. Aurelia Ciblis - Women's Voice DLR

Women and Leadership Workshop

  • Why are women not always treated equally in local, national and global situations?
  • What actions are needed to continue moving our society towards gender equality?
  • What is our own potential to have a influence and bring about change?

This workshop was an opportunity to explore these important questions together with other women and interact with guests speakers around these topics. There will be more Women in Leadership Workshops starting again soon.

The Southside Partnership Women's programme has organised a number of conferences and workshops around Women and Leadership in DLR.

In 2010 local women attended the 'Women and Power ' workshop followed by a conference on 'Women and Leadership' in November 2012. We looked at our potential as leaders and widened the network of women working to influence decisions made on a local and county level. Yearly workshops/conferences followed in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020. These have beens opportunities to hear from inspiring women who have made changes to their communities.

Reconnecting During Uncertain Times Conference- 5 November 2020

We held a virtual conference during government restrictions allowing women to connect with each other and discuss the effects of the pandemic on women. Four inspirational speakers addressed the impact specifically in relation to family dynamics and health and well-being.
You can listen to a recording of the speakers HERE.
You can also access the presentations of each speaker by clicking on their names below:
Catherine Lang (National Womens Council of Ireland)
Anne Marie Sheridan (Springboard)
Clodagh Erasmus (GROW Ireland)

An extensive list of supports and contact information was provided and can be viewed HERE.

Women Transforming Communities Conference- 2018

In February 2013 a Women's Manifesto Group was established in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown. The women involved in this group wanted to bring women's perspective to local decision-makers. It was not' limited' to women's issues.
A new Women's Voice Group came together in spring 2018. The members of this new group participated in a 'Women and Leadership' training.
Further Women in Leadership training was organised in 2021 to progress the Women's Voice DLR.

Please contact Marilyn for more information and to register for upcoming training on 087 2198183 email: marilyn.nyquist@sspship.ie

If you are intersted in local issues get involved!

The Women's Manifesto Model was developed by Longford Women's Link. With the funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the model can be adapted in other communities across Ireland.