Women in DLR

women4women network

Who we are

Women4women was established in 2011 after a series of workshops for women organised and facilitated by SouthsidePartnership. We are a non-profit networking group for women with different life experiences and from different cultures.The network is made up of women’s groups, individuals with a particular interest in women’s right’s and local community based organisations. We all are committed to building a sustainable and equal society.

What we want

DLR women4women network seeks to make the work of grassroots women visible. We want to create a space where women from diverse background will be offered an opportunity to identify and explore solutions to the barriers that women experience in life and in decision making structures in the county.

Together with Southside Partnership Women's Programme we want

  • to support the participation of women in decision making processes
  • to provide education and training opportunities for women from marginalised groups/communities in DLR to improve and develop their community leadership skills so as to become more effective in the different roles in which they are involved
  • To facilitate women networking and building strategic partnerships that will help broaden their influence in their local community and also in the wider political structures
  • To promote intercultural understanding and co-operation among women
  • To tackle gender inequality by working with women to strengthen their ability to analyse issues and structures, to build their capacity to organise and participate in local organisations and/or public institutions
  • To create a system of mentoring for women to encourage them to participate in the electoral process, in local and county political activities and other leadership areas including business
  • To enhance the employability of women participating within the social services and community based sector.

Why not joining the women4women network now?!

For more information please call the Furry Hill Community Centre on -1 442 1004.