Women with Disabilities

Disability and Women in Ireland (National Women’s Council of Ireland)

“Little attention has been paid to the specific experiences and needs of women with disabilities in Ireland. There is an unspoken assumption that policies and practices towards people with disabilities are gender neutral and a lack of understanding of the ways in which gender and disability issues interact. In practice, gender inequalities that permeate the structures of our society combine with disadvantages experienced by disabled women to create particular forms of exclusion and discrimination. In our economic and political systems, women with disabilities are only beginning to become visible and their needs only starting to be addressing within the policy-making process.”

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The Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is in the process of developing a 'Directory of Services' for people with disability for the county. The link will be available soon.
Disability profile of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

DLR Sports Partnership

Sports Inclusion Disability Programme

DLR Housing and Disability

Disabled Women Ireland

" Equality for women, and equality for disabled people must work hand in hand for either to be successful”.
The mission of Disabled Women Ireland (DWI) is to be a national voice for the needs and rights of women, trans and non-binary people with disabilities and a national force to improve the lives and life chances of people with disabilities.

Phone: 085 705 7691

Disability Federation of Ireland

The Disability Federation of Ireland is the national support organisation and advocate for voluntary disability organisations in Ire4land who provide services to people with disabilities and disabling conditions. The organisations works to ensure that Irish society is fully inclusive of people with disabilities and disabling conditions so that they can exercise fully their civil, social and human rights. See more information on www.disability-federation.ie

BreastCheck continually encourages all women to check they are on the BreastCheck register and details are correct.
The BreastCheck Access Officer can arrange extra help for people with disabilities. More details here.

Domestic violence and disability
Women's Aid UK